Privacy Policy

We welcome everyone to read and understand the privacy policies applicable for shopping at Bahrainpleasure. Take a look:

Protecting the Data

Every customer we come across is important for us. Hence, we make sure that all his shopping details and transactions history stay safe with us.

Process the Data

We collect the most relevant information from our customers and process them for good use. This information would be helpful for us if our customers make any legal claims in the long-run. Details like one’s name, address, phone number, email address etc. are required.

Gathering Correct Information

While receiving payments from customers, we also require accurate data. This data is also crucial for us to maintain and look after multiple sections of our website, identify wrongdoings on the website etc. Therefore, we demand the truest of information from our customers at all cost.

No Terms with Third Parties

We restrict our customers from sharing details with third parties. If it is found anyone doing this, we will not only be answerable but also we would not accept any claims later. We do not share any customer details with any outsider. Before doing so, we take consent and the only proceed.

We Announce Winners

Bahrainpleasure might require personal data from customers who are interested to participate into any sort of competition. Depending on these details, we announce winners and promote our offers as well.

We Hold the Copyright

Bahrainpleasure holds the copyright. Therefore, if these laws are violated, we would be compelled to take strict legal actions. We can also make necessary changes in our policy whenever we want. It can be exclusion or inclusion of clauses or anything. Bahrainpleasure will not be accountable to notify anyone.

For any query or suggestion, feel free to email us at [email protected]